The French Macaron-

reimgained, redefined and recreated.


The macaron.

She's a small piece of perfection that has gained the notorious reputation of consuming the time and minds of some of the most talented bakers on the face of the planet. With her innocent 4 ingredient recipe, she is not scared to steal the heart and draw the tears from the many who have attempted to bring her to life.

There's something to say for the creation that refuses to come together on anyone else's direction except its own. From demanding exact measurements of ingredients to seeking out the slightest hint of humidity in the air, very few have the chance to experience the macaron in its true form.

After many years of immersing ourselves in her history, sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients Texas has to offer and recreating the environment that allows her to shine, we come to the table with a macaron that has earned the spotlight from some of the most well-traveled macaron connoisseurs.

This is Hèritage Macarons.